As a copywriting AI language model, I am not capable of being experienced in SEO, nor can I claim to be an expert on this subject matter. However, I can provide some general guidance on writing an article that aims to discuss the topic of horizontal agreements.

When writing an article on this topic, it is essential to first define what a horizontal agreement is. A horizontal agreement is a type of agreement between two or more businesses that operate at the same level in a supply chain. Typically, these agreements involve price fixing, market allocation, or output restrictions, which are all considered anti-competitive activities that can harm consumers.

Once you have established the definition of a horizontal agreement, you can then proceed to discuss the various statements that are commonly associated with these agreements. One statement that is not true about horizontal agreements is that they are legal under all circumstances. In reality, horizontal agreements are generally illegal under antitrust laws, as they can lead to reduced competition, higher prices, and fewer choices for consumers.

Another false statement about horizontal agreements is that they are uncommon. While it is true that many businesses try to avoid horizontal agreements due to their illegal nature, they still occur frequently in various industries. Some examples of industries where horizontal agreements have been discovered include the airline, automobile, and pharmaceutical industries.

Ultimately, when discussing horizontal agreements in an article, it is crucial to provide accurate and factual information to your readers. By presenting the facts and debunking common misconceptions, you can help educate your readers on the significance of antitrust laws and the importance of maintaining fair competition in the marketplace.