Football Manager 2021 is the latest iteration of the popular football management simulation game from Sports Interactive. In the game, players take control of their favorite football team and manage everything from tactics to transfers to training. One of the important aspects of managing a team is managing player contracts. In this article, we will discuss expiring contracts in Football Manager 2021 and the strategies that players can use to manage them effectively.

What are expiring contracts?

In Football Manager 2021, player contracts come with an expiration date. Typically, contracts will last for a certain number of years and will need to be renewed or replaced when they expire. Expired contracts mean that the player is now a free agent and can be signed by any other football team.

Managing expiring contracts

Managing expiring contracts is an important part of being a successful football manager in Football Manager 2021. Here are some strategies that can be used to manage expiring contracts:

1. Keep track of expiring contracts

The first step in managing expiring contracts is to keep track of them. A good manager should have a clear understanding of which players have contracts that are set to expire and when they expire. This will allow them to plan ahead and make informed decisions about offering new contracts or searching for replacements.

2. Prioritize key players

When it comes to expiring contracts, it’s important to prioritize key players. These are the players who are essential to the team’s success and who would be difficult to replace. A good strategy is to offer these players new contracts well before their current contracts expire, potentially even a year or more in advance.

3. Negotiate smartly

When negotiating contracts, it’s important to be smart. Paying too much for a player can have negative effects on the team’s finances and can lead to problems down the line. On the other hand, not offering enough could lead to losing the player entirely. Negotiating smartly requires a good understanding of the player’s market value and the financial constraints of the team.

4. Consider alternatives

When a player’s contract is set to expire, it’s worth considering alternative options. This may include promoting players from the youth team or bringing in players from other teams. It’s important to consider the player’s skill set, positional requirements, and salary demands when considering alternatives.

5. Plan for the future

Another key part of managing expiring contracts is planning for the future. This means looking ahead to future transfer windows and considering which players may be available to sign. It also means considering the long-term needs of the team and making decisions that will ensure its success in the future.


Managing expiring contracts is an important part of being a successful football manager in Football Manager 2021. By keeping track of expiring contracts, prioritizing key players, negotiating smartly, considering alternatives, and planning for the future, managers can ensure that their teams remain competitive and successful. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Football Manager or just starting out, these strategies can help you succeed in this exciting and challenging game.